All Aboard Abortion Rights

February 2020: Lilly made a Major (Lazer) collaboration with Abortion Rights UK and Poplar Union organising a performance fundraising bonanza for the organisation and future project All Aboard! Abortion Rights, the night raised over £1,200.

The night featured a fabulous line up of acts:

  • Sadie Sinner
    (Performer powerhouse and Creator of CocoaButterClub)
  • Charlie Dinkin
    (Comedian and writer for BBC studios and the news quiz with Nish Kumar)
  • Sian Clarke
    (Patriarchy smashing performer with the hit show The Sian Clark experience)
  • Sikisa ‘Twix’ Bostwick-Barnes
    (Funny Women 2016 (Semi-Finalist) and BBC New Comedian competition 2017)
  • Davinia Hamilton & Marta Vella
    (What life is like for women living under the abortion ban in Malta)
  • Charlie George
    (LGBTQ New Comedian of the Year 2019 & Pride’s Got Talent finalist 2018)

As well as great acts, we had a Tanqueray Gin sponsored cocktail station in collaboration with Hawksmoor Cocktail bar and amazing auction prizes from our generous supporters Guilty Feminist, Deborah Francis-White, Shami Chakrabarti, Sarah Maple and Hawksmoor restaurant.

Initiative & Development

All Aboard! Abortion Rights is a developing initiative with Abortion Rights UK to create performance-based workshops which tackles abortion stigma aimed at young adults.

Young people face unique barriers when seeking accurate information about abortion, and in accessing abortion services, we’re creating a space in which we can exchange and be entertained, and formulate ideas for change, in a world where too often people make our bodies their business.