Associated Organisations

Abortion Rights UK is the only national UK pro-choice campaign. They were formed in 2003 by a merger of the National Abortion Campaign (NAC) and the Abortion Law Reform Association (ALRA) – the two groups primarily involved in securing legalised abortion in the 1967 Abortion Act. So, Abortion Rights has been at the forefront of driving through abortion reform and they’re still at it today! They campaign to defend and extend the right to free, safe, legal and accessible abortion. They challenge the status quo and address the stigma surrounding abortion head on! Part and parcel of this is raising awareness and lobbying for the rights of women. At the heart of their campaigns is defending and extending the reproductive rights of all women in all different communities; they have defended the disabled community, women of colour, the migrant community and those from the LGBT community.
Lilly has been an executive committee member of Abortion Rights since 2019 she has continued to campaign and work alongside them. She likes to take over their socials from time to time to make sure your all BLOOMIN’ LISTENING and getting involved with the movements current campaigns. Most recently she has helped co-created and host Abortion Rights Lockdown Quiz with Co-host of Guilty Feminist podcast Comedian Alison Spittle and again helping raise another £1,200 for the organisation.


Clean Break was founded 40 years ago by two women in prison who believed in the power of theatre to transform lives. I have been a longstanding Volunteer with the company and still maintain a close relationship with them (I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH). I worked as an assistant arts facilitator on their Writing for Theatre Program in 2017 and was also an assistant drama workshop facilitator for Brazen Young Women Company in 2018.You can also just find me in the kitchen helping out from time to time – Big up gettin’ my level two in food hygiene certificate!

Clean Break ensure every penny of your generous donation to our Friends scheme goes towards supporting our Members.  As a Friend, they will keep you up to date with regular e-news bulletins about their work and Members, events and invitations to explore further opportunities to get involved with theiir work. Supporting Clean Break means you are having a direct impact on women’s lives and helping them reach their full potential.